6 Ways to Speed Up Google Chrome on Android

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    Chrome for Android is one of the fastest and most feature-rich browsers for Android.

    Step 1: Go to Chrome's Hidden Settings Menu
    From Chrome's address bar, type chrome://flags and hit the enter key on your keyboard.

    Step 2: Make the Following Adjustments
    Tip #1: Set "Maximum Tiles..." to 512

    Tip #2: Change the Number of Raster Threads
    On the first highlighted result, tap the drop-down menu and select 4.

    Tip #3: Enable SPDY/4
    Type Enable SPDY in the search bar.

    Tip #4: Enable Offline Cache Mode
    Tap the Enable button just below the setting titled Enable Offline Cache Mode.

    Tip #5: Enable Experimental Canvas Features

    Type Enable experimental canvas and tap Enable once again.

    Tip #6: Enable Experimental Websocket Implementation

    This feature is a new way to handle web traffic communication.