Meaning of the symbol 3G and H while using internet

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    G = 1G (GPRS)
    G stands for GPRS and is the slowest standard, used is the GSM network (2G).

    E = EDGE (2.5G)
    E is an extension of GPRS, it is called EDGE and it is correspondingly a little faster, but still uses the old GSM network (2G).

    3G = 3G
    3G stands for UMTS and is the successor to the GSM network and faster.

    H (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) = 3.5G (HSPA+), HSPA 14.4
    H and H+ are standing for HSPA and HSPA+. Both use the UMTS network, where H is faster than 3G and H+ is faster than H.

    4G = 4G
    4G stands for LTE and is the fastest.

    1. Open the Applications tab and tap Settings.
    2. Tap Wireless Controls or Wireless & Networks.
    3. Tap Mobile Networks and then Access Point Names.
    4. Tap your APN setting. If the APN type is Default, then tap Menu and select Delete APN.