Tips for Charging Your iPhone Faster

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    How to Charge Your iPhone Faster...

    Turn/switch Off your iPhone:
    While the iPhone is in charge, turn the phone off will helps your phone charge faster than before. It will help you to reduce the power in other activity .

    If you don’t want to set the phone in switch off atleast keep the phone in the Airplane Mode.

    • turn off bluetooth and wi-fi when they are not in use.
    • if you do actually want to charge your iPhone as fast as possible, the best thing you can do is plug it into a wall outlet and not use the phone while it’s charging.
    • it’s usually best to focus on preserving battery by turning off unnecessary background activity, unused location services, and various eye-candy features.
    • Apple recommends that you go through at least one full charge cycle every month. This means you should charge your iPhone to 100% and let it fully discharge until it turns off by itself.